Cubase 編曲實作進階認證課
百萬金曲編曲指南 : 吉他手的編曲思維 線上課程 !



-畢業於國立台灣師範大學流行音樂碩士專班、美國  Players School of Music 主修Guitar performance

-金智娟-【全然愛】台北國際會議中心演唱會及巡迴 編曲、音樂總監
-赴韓國Record Factory Mix with Masters 結業,美國 Next Level Sound 混音訓練課程結業
-Stienberg Cubase 原廠認證訓練講師





My name Chou,Yueh-Cheng is a Taipei-based Musician, one of the most in-
demand educators of pop music and modern music production in Taiwan.
As a guitarist, I started my career as a session player in my teenage. To
surmount me, I attended The Players School of Music in the USA. After
studying with the world’s well-known jazz musicians, I took a 2-year Diploma
within one year for excellent performances. After about 20 years of being a
professional guitarist with a good reputation, I have opportunity to endorse
some great brands like YAMAHA Guitars.
As a producer and arranger, I produce hundreds of singles on both sides of
Commercial and indie projects. Some of them got really good feedback and
reputations. The debut album makes me rewarded twice Golden Melody
awards in 2013 and 2014 (Known as Grammy awards in Taiwan) and got the
Special Prize of Jury in International Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival
which is one of the most famous music festivals in Asia. I also make the music
and sound effect in the MRT train system heard by millions of people in
As an educator, I have trained over three hundred musicians that active in all
aspects of the music industry and music education. The Cubase learning
book “Encyclopedia of Learning Cubase”(Cubase 大百科) which is written by
me in 2020 has become one of the most popular Cubase textbooks in the
Chinese book market. The group that I created in Facebook called “Cubase 超
級用戶服務區”(Cubase Super User Group) has become the largest Cubase
learning group in the Chinese language. New tips and function learning are
renewed weekly and over a thousand Cubase users are learning and helping
each other. Recently I create a new program on Youtube called “Cu 個一分鐘
(Cubase minute)” sharing a tip within 1-2 minutes. The Cubase certificated
program that I made which obtain 2 Levels of Mixing and 2 Levels of
Arrangement has become the most complete Cubase Producer training
system in the market.